Ron Maclean breaks his silence on how Coaches Corner came to an end

Published August 20, 2023 at 3:49 PM

In November, it'll be four years since Don Cherry and Coaches Corner left Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. A stable in nearly every Canadian hockey household for decades.

Now one half of the iconic Coaches Corner duo Ron Maclean has broken his silence and decided to speak about how Coaches Corner unceremoniously met its demise. As well as how things have changed and that Coaches Corner would've run it's course before long anyway.

Grapes was good at reaching his viewer and knowing what they wanted — expert at that — but we are held to a different metric or standard now, and I don't know if we could have made it much longer, MacLean said on the podcast. So I'm glad Don went out and people aren't that mad at him for what he said. They should be — don't ever get me wrong. You can't project an attitude on people just because of where they're from. We were so wrong, and it just needed an apology and it would have been gone; we would have been onward and upward. But people aren't that angry about it. It wasn't the worst thing that's ever been said in the history of humanity, so he kind of went out on top and people miss him and I think that's kind of a nice way to be.

Of course Maclean is talking about the incident that ultimately cost Cherry his job.

A lot of people aren't going to like Maclean's explanation here, but at least he's addressing the incident how he felt he had to do what was right.

With that being said, Don Cherry was and still is a national treasure and for Maclean to turn his back on his long time co-host and friend was the wrong thing to do.

Source: Soo Today
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Ron Maclean breaks his silence on how Coaches Corner came to an end

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