Ryan Reaves Destroys Filip Hronek With An Open Ice Hit

Published December 14, 2022 at 8:30 PM

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Filip Hronek has had a fine start to the season. Despite this, Hronek learned a tough lesson during the first period against Minnesota. As Hronek was skating with the puck out of his own end, his head and his attention were solely on a teammate behind him. AS a result, newly acquired Minnesota forward Ryan Reaves steam rolled Hronek to the ice. Hronek immediately was sent flying to the ice and he did not get up right away. Watch the replay below.

There will be debate about if this was a head shot from Ryan Reaves or if it was a clean hit. After watching the replay a few times, it looked like a clean hit. Reaves never left his feet and his shoulder hit Hronek right in the face. We will have to see if Reaves receives a call from the League Safety Department. One thing is for sure, Hronek needs to keep his head up on the ice. This hit will raise his awareness the next time Hronek steps onto the ice. Let's hope Hronek is able to remain in the game and continue his good season.
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Ryan Reaves Destroys Filip Hronek With An Open Ice Hit

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