Scary scene in college hockey

Published March 17, 2023 at 10:16 PM

Hockey isn't called the fastest game on ice for a reason. This was more than evident during the Hockey East Division 1 men's semi-final between the Providence Friars and the Boston University Terriers.

Early in the third period of a scoreless tie as the puck was being chased into the Providence zone, BU's Case McCarthy, a New Jersey Devils draft pick was driven into the boards by Friar's defenceman and former USNTDP teammate Patrick Moynihan.

While the hit did appear to be clean, McCarthy went down heavily and wasn't able to get up. Reports later indicated that McCarthy managed to get up under his own power albeit slowly. Medical personnel was seen placing him on a stretcher. As the play was blown dead, Moynihan was reported to be pretty distraught over the situation,

The game is played on such a fine line and the most innocent plays can turn disastrous at the flip of a switch while the play was very serious the good news is by all indications McCarthy will be okay.

It's always scary to see one of your players and teammates go down like that. The good news is, he got up. He's got movement in all of his extremities so that's good news () he's doing very well.

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Scary scene in college hockey

Was the hit during the Boston University-Providence game clean?

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