Shane Wright is reportedly continuing to show attitude issues at Seattle Kraken training camp

Published September 27, 2022 at 2:11 PM

This year's NHL Draft was filled with some big surprises. Nothing as big as the Montreal Canadiens selecting Juraj Slavkovsky 1st overall ahead of Shane Wright. With training camps and NHL-Preseason underway, we are starting to see why Montreal went ahead and selected Slavkovsky.

On a French Podcast, Mathias Brunet shared with BPM Sports how Wright was doing in his first NHL Camp and shared some interesting bits of what kind of player he is.

Shane Wright scored a great goal in an inter-squad game with 10 seconds remaining, the winning goal. A typical shot, a good shot! And he (Dave Hakstol, the Kraken head coach) said, 'You got the goal and I got a lot of other stuff.' Fuck that, I was like, 'I'm going to reporting'' is good. I am an open-minded person. Just because people like (Juraj) Slafkovsky doesn't mean Wright isn't good or the other way around. That's the flower side. They said they were going to give him every chance to start in the National League. But I was watching a podcast with the beat guy from Seattle and apparently a couple of times on the ice during practice he threw tantrums at the American League coaches. It worried him. At one point, Dan Bylsma gave instructions and he looked at him wanting to say: ''What is that!?'' It's a little disturbing side. It's primadonna! I give you both sides of the coin, but the guy on the podcast picked it up!

There were multiple reports that teams at the draft were shying away from Wright due to his attitude, but maybe those reports were right? Another former 1st overall pick, Nail Yakupov reportedly rubbed teams the wrong way during his pre-draft interviews and the Oilers ultimately elected to pick him 1st overall. Maybe teams have learned from this mistake as it appears Wright continues to have issues.

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Shane Wright is reportedly continuing to show attitude issues at Seattle Kraken training camp

Who will have the best career of the top 4 picks?

Juraj Slafkovsy50648.7 %
Simon Nemec13713.2 %
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Shane Wright11010.6 %
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