Sidney Crosby calls out the NHL after he's ejected

Published February 12, 2023 at 11:07

Saturday night in Los Angeles Sidney Crosby found himself ejected from the game with over 10 minutes left. Crosby was ejected after sharing exactly what he thought with the on-ice officials after he was handed a 10 minute misconduct.

Referees across the NHL have become very quick to assess misconducts recently. This is likely a directive of the NHL, who has done everything possible to stop players and coaches from criticising officiating. The league has thrown around their power by fining multiple coaches $25,000 for openly commenting on officiating.

Last night after Crosby was ejected he commented on his ejection to reporters. Crosby is definitely a smart many because during his availability he was able to call out the NHL, without actually saying what he really wanted to say.

Can I really say what I think without any...I mean let's be honest here

It's clear that Crosby's comments are directed at the fact that players are unable to speak their mind without repercussions from the league. The league has decided that rather than fixing their referee issues they'd rather ignore them completely. Just another product of Gary Bettman's NHL.
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Sidney Crosby calls out the NHL after he's ejected

Should players be allowed to criticize officials?

Yes, as long as they're being respectful57994.6 %
No, the refs are off limits335.4 %
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