Sidney Crosby criticizes one of the Colorado Avalanche deadline trades

Published March 26, 2022 at 9:22

Sidney Crosby knows the sport of hockey very well and is respected by most as a, very intelligent hockey mind. When Crosby speaks his mind people stop and listen because they respect , everything he's done. Crosby has as decorated of a career as anyone in the NHL.

However, some were shocked to hear Sidney Crosby say that Colorado Avalanche General Manager, Joe Sakic, had made a mistake on trade deadline day. The trade that Crosby is referencing is the Colorado Avalanche trade with the Montreal Canadiens.


The trade sent Habs' fan favourite Artturi Lehkonen to the Avalanche in exchange for a 2nd round pick in 2024 and prospect Justin Barron. Sidney Crosby couldn't believe the Avalanche dealt Barron.

Sidney Crosby shared the following during an interview on TVA Sports with Renaud Lavoie:


I never would have pulled this move if I was the Avalanche. That kid, he's a real hockey player. He's ready to play in the NHL and he will become a good player.

Crosby strongly believes Barron has what it takes to shine in the NHL and that the Colorado Avalanche are going to regret making this deal.

Crosby also said:

You can't predict the future, but that's the impression I got after watching Barron play. I thinks the Avalanche should have kept him and that he shouldn't have been traded.

Only time will tell who wins this trade, but none of it will matter, especially if Artturi Lehkonen can help the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup.

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Sidney Crosby criticizes one of the Colorado Avalanche deadline trades

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