Stamkos admits his team will do anything to win game 7

Published May 14, 2022 at 12:48

Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning are looking the 3-peat as the best team in the National Hockey League. Evidently, the Lightning are still hungry for more and will do anything to knock off the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 7 tonight.

According to Joe Smith, Tampa Bay beat writer for The Athletic, Stammer had this to say,

This group has proven we don't care how we get it done. We just want to get it done.

Strong words from the captain there. Maybe he gets his arrogant personality from his head coach. Listen, I'm not taking anything away from Jon Cooper or the Tampa Bay Lightning, and I get the gamesmanship from every one involved, but the fact is, Tampa has no right to be as cocky as they have been, especially going into game 7. The Leafs act and are a different team, I think Stammer might regret his choice of words when locker clean up happensor the refs will decide game 7 like they did game 6. Maybe the message on the room tonight is to dive and sell as many calls as possible.
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Stamkos admits his team will do anything to win game 7

Who do you think wins game 7 tonight?

Leafs11741.6 %
Tampa10236.3 %
Go cry, the leafs won’t win6222.1 %
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