TJ Oshie loses his mind after a horrible officiating negates a goal

Published March 29, 2022 at 10:45

Alex Ovechkin had a power-play goal called back during Monday Nights game in one of the worst officiating mistakes your ever going to see. The Washington Capitals were at home hosting the Carolina Hurricanes.

The play happened in the 1st period while the Hurricanes were on the penalty kill. Oshie was battling for position in the bumper spot when he had his stick ripped out of his hands by Jordan Staal and thrown to the ice. Staal skated over to cover Ovechkin while Oshie went to collect his stick. When Oshie returned he whacked Staal's stick out of his hands. While this was going on Ovi ripped a shot from his office at the half circle that went into the net. The officials whistled the play dead calling a penalty on Oshie for slashing.

Of course Oshie was furious going to the penalty box. The Capitals forward slammed his stick into the glass. Washington was down 2-0 thanks to a poor start and the penalty was a huge momentum killer for them. Luckily the Hurricanes didn't score on the man advantage that time around. The Hurricanes came away with the victory Monday night 6-1.

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TJ Oshie loses his mind after a horrible officiating negates a goal

Should refs have to answer to the media after the game?

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