Team provides update after rumors of a player having cancer swirl

Published November 6, 2023 at 11:52

There are some things in life much bigger than hockey. A player's physical health being one of those things. For the Hurricanes Frederik Andersen last played Thursday and has been out of the lineup since.

Today the Hurricanes confirmed that Andersen was undergoing medical evaluation for a serious medical issue.

Frederik Andersen is dealing with a medical issue and undergoing evaluations. An update will be provided when available, but no further comment will be issued until that time.

With such vague information being released fans immediately assumed that worst. Luke Decock a Hurricanes insider provided the following information.

This wording is very ominous but I'm told the issue, and I don't know what it is specifically, is treatable and not imminently life-threatening, to the extent that clarifies things. It does need to be addressed and has the potential to keep Andersen out for period of time.

DeCock later confirmed that despite what he'd heard initially there was no cancer found.

Basically, trying to find a way to say they didn't find liver cancer or something, which is what I was told, but without knowing exactly what's going on, trying to be cautious.

While it is positive news that cancer wasn't found, it still appears like Andersen has a long way back. Our thoughts remain with the goaltender.
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