Team suspends it's own player after he embarrasses the team with multiple embellishments

Published February 27, 2023 at 10:07

Usually when you hear of a team implementing a suspension of one of their own players it's due to off ice behavior. Teams usually don't look at their player's actions on the ice and administer any sort of punishment, and if it does come to this, it's usually done quietly via a healthy scratch.

However, Modo of the Sweden's HockeyAllsvenskan, has taken a very strange approach to dealing with one of their own player's embarrassing antics. The player in question is Josef Ingman. Friday during a game Ingman was called for embellishment, not once, but twice, both plays were caught on camera.

Ingman's play was reported to the league and he will likely face a fine for his behavior. But the behavior was too much for his own team, because Modo announced that they were suspending Ingman for two games for his embarrassing plays.

Modo's Sports Director Henrik Gradin, gave the following statement about the decision to Aftonbladet.

We want to emphasize from the club's side that we do not accept this kind of actions.

We feel that he is not acting in an okay way. He amplifies the situations he is involved in and we as a club believe that is not right. We absolutely do not stand behind that type of behaviour.

Sweden's top hockey league has taken steps to help decrease the amount of diving after fans complained that the act had begun to run rampant. The 27-year-old Ingman will have a difficult time arguing this call, because the video footage is pretty cut and dry.
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Team suspends it's own player after he embarrasses the team with multiple embellishments

Should more teams do this to decrease the amount of diving?

Yes, diving ruins the game7296 %
No, embellishment gives an advantage34 %
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