Tempers flare after Charlie McAvoy drills Adam Fox from behind

Published April 23, 2022 at 5:14 PM

The Boston Bruins and New York Rangers are playing in a game that could go a long way to deciding playoff seeding in the Eastern Conference. These teams could even end up facing one another if the Rangers pass the Hurricanes and the Bruins are unable to catch Tampa Bay.

So naturally the intensity has been raised as both teams look to play a physically imposing game. During the 2nd period Charlie McAvoy saw an opportunity to get physical with Adam Fox. Unfortunately it happened when Fox turned his back on McAvoy. Luckily the contact was far enough from the boards to avoid serious injury.

Naturally the Rangers were upset by this and Dryden Hunt tried to exact some revenge on McAvoy. McAvoy though showed just how sneaky tough he is on the play. Both McAvoy and Hunt earned 2-minute penalties for roughing on the play.

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