Tensions in the Winnipeg locker room are starting to boil; a star player ready to ask for a trade?

Published May 2, 2022 at 11:27

The Winnipeg Jets had a disappointing season by their own standards. After missing the playoffs yet again, it appears some key players are beginning to show frustration, including locker room leader and one of the longest tenured Jets, Mark Scheifele

According to Scott Billeck of the Winnipeg Sun, Scheifele‘s frustrations with the Winnipeg organization is showing and he needs to know the vision for the organization before committing to stay. He likes Winnipeg, but needs some direction as well.

It appears that there are some tough conversations ahead to keep the star in a Jets uniform going forward, starting today with General Manager Kevin Chevedayoff.

Depending on how these conversations go, could decide Scheifele's future

I just have to know, just have to understand where this team is going. I'm in the prime of my career. I still have so much to improve on too and like where my game is at. like the physical nature that my body is at. I'm only improving, I'm only getting better and I'm only going to be a better player next year than was this year. just have to know where this team is going and what the direction is and what the changes are going to be, if any. have to think about my career and what's going to be best for me. Those are going to be..talks with my agents and everyone in my family and stuff like that and figure out what really want. So,
will be a tough talk tomorrow.

Has Scheifele's time in a Winnipeg Jets uniform come to an end? By the way he's talking, it appears that way
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Tensions in the Winnipeg locker room are starting to boil; a star player ready to ask for a trade?

Will Mark Scheifele look to get out of Winnipeg?

Yes18757.5 %
No319.5 %
He’s blowing off steam4714.5 %
You’re making this bigger than it is6018.5 %
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