The Great One discusses the history of "The Jersey Tuck"

Published May 26, 2023 at 3:47 PM

The argument about the greatest hockey player could be discussed over and over again and thoughts have certainly changed over generations of players who have laced their skates up to play the great game, but usually, if you ask someone their opinion about the subject, they'll suggest The Great One.

Gretzky who retired in 1999, and had some quirks and superstitions about him during his playing days is now an NHL analyst. During a recent intermission, colleague Paul Bissonnette asked him about the patent jersey tuck he had throughout his career. Gretzky admitted it started when he was five years old. Gretzky was tasked with playing the game with boys twice his age and the jersey went down to his ankles.

Whatever Gretzky had to do to make him the greatest player to ever lace them up certainly worked, even if it became a superstition. It also created generations of players that have mimicked the tuck moving forward.

Stories of the past are neat to hear, especially for the ones who only hear about the accolades and accomplishments of players like Gretzky. His records are timeless and those of us who had an opportunity to observe his career lived during arguably the greatest era in the National Hockey League
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The Great One discusses the history of "The Jersey Tuck"

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