The Montreal Canadiens lose 10th straight to cap off a historically bad season

Published February 13, 2022 at 3:36 PM

The Montreal Canadiens are having an historic season, but unfortunately it's not for the right reasons. The Habs have had a disastrous 2021-22 campaign, mere months after going all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now, losers of 10 straight, the Habs are entrenched in their worst run since 1926 after Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Sabres.

1926... The last time the Canadiens were this bad, Ford Motor Company had created the 40-hour work week for factory workers. The last time the Canadiens were this bad, Al Capone was still involved in turf wars in Chicago. The last time the Canadiens were this bad, Harry Houdini was still alive.

A large portion of the struggle can certainly be blamed on losing (arguably) their three most important players this summer in Carey Price, Shea Weber and Phillip Danault to injury, personal issues and, in Danault's case, free agency. If you take any team in the league and remove their 3 best players, they're going to struggle too.

The Canadiens currently sit dead last in the NHL with just 23 points to their credit through 47 games, owners of an abysmal 8-32-7 record and at this point, they're closer to winning the draft lottery than they are to turning their season around.

The arrival of Martin St. Louis as the team's new interim head coach is something worth talking about, but unfortunately there aren't many other positives to speak of with a potential "scorched earth" rebuild on its way.

Let this sink in for a minute. The Canadiens have now lost more consecutive games than they have TOTAL WINS THIS SEASON.
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