The Ryan Reaves era might already be coming to an end for the Maple Leafs

Published November 11, 2023 at 11:39

When new Toronto Maple Leaf general manager Brad Treliving signed Ryan Reaves in the off-season, nearly everyone knew the term was long and the money was hard to swallow, but at least Toronto wouldn't be pushed around anymore and if the contract needed to be buried in years 2 or 3, they could do that.

Unfortunately, the experiment hasn't worked to this point early in the season. Reaves started his Leafs tenure hitting everything that moved and fighting those that wanted to go, but that only lasted two games, since then, he's been a non factor and that 4th line has been horrid. Now, it's looking like the experiment has come to an end with Reaves slated to be a healthy scratch; take a look.

Sheldon Keefe says McMann in for Reaves vs VCR

With Bobby McMann being called up today, he'll replace Reaves on the 4th line and it wouldn't be out of the question to think we might see Reaves on waivers this afternoon.

At some point the Leafs knew they would have to bury his contract, but I don't think anyone thought they'd have to do it so early in year 1
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The Ryan Reaves era might already be coming to an end for the Maple Leafs

Did Treliving make a mistake by signing Reaves?

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