The Vegas Golden Knights are blaming the Ottawa Senators for contested Dadonov trade

Published March 22, 2022 at 8:25

The Vegas Golden Knights had thought they'd purchased themselves some cap space with the Evgeni Dadonov deal. The trade was supposed to send Dadonov and a 2nd round pick to Anaheim for John Moore and Ryan Kesler's LTIR contract.

But unfortunately for Vegas somewhere along the line someone dropped the ball. Vegas and their management team so far have been willing to accept zero responsibility for their mistake, instead blaming the Ottawa Senators instead.

Vegas acquired Dadonov on July 28th in a trade with the Senators. This trade was approved by Dadonov and the no trade list he'd submitted for July 1st. The Daily Faceoff's Frank Seravalli shared the following information.

Dadonov situation, as best I can glean/understand: Dadonov seems to have properly filed 10-team NTC list with #Sens before July 1, 2021 due date.

#Sens traded Dadonov to #VGK on July 28, 2021. Was the list, which was still valid, passed along to #VGK on trade call?

I'm told #VGK claim they did not receive it from #Sens.

Either way, #NHLDucks are supposedly on Dadonov's original 10-team «no» list, which should have blocked trade.

I'd imagine there would be sufficient electronic evidence to prove original list was submitted to #Sens on-time

All of which is said to say, it's 11:20 pm ET and there is still a Deadline Day trade that hangs in the balance from the 3 pm ET deadline.

And it's actually critical to #VGK for salary cap purposes moving forward.

Not an easy spot for Dadonov, too, who earned the clause.

Of course, if all of the above is true, the ultimate responsibility is borne on #VGK make sure that 1) they are in receipt of the list and 2) the list is on file with the NHL.

After all, that Dadonov had a 10-team NTC is not a secret - it's listed on @PuckPedia and @CapFriendly.

So it appears the Vegas Knights clearly dropped the ball with this openly available information, but are now choosing to try and pass the buck on a basis of ignorance.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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The Vegas Golden Knights are blaming the Ottawa Senators for contested Dadonov trade

Who is at fault?

Vegas4345.3 %
Ottawa2122.1 %
Whoever gave Evgeni Dadonov a no trade clause3132.6 %
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