The reason Matvei Michkov is being benched in KHL

Published September 5, 2023 at 11:05

As is expected from young players in the KHL, Matvei Michkov is consistently being benched by SKA St. Petersburg. However this time, the reason may be more than just the KHL's distrust of young players - it may be in retaliation to Michkov's NHL aspirations.

There is a strong belief that SKA HC Roman Rotenberg isn't playing Matvei Michkov because Michkov has simply expressed his NHL aspirations.

It's believed that this is coming directly from the head coach of the team, Roman Rotenberg. In St. Petersburg's last game, Michkov was scratched in favour of career depth forwards like Brandon Leipsic and Alex Galchenyuk.

It should be stated that the KHL has always behaved this way when dealing with younger players breaking onto the professional roster. The KHL is not a development league, and the teams behave as such, not dressing young players if they don't believe they give them the best chance to win. In reality, the best way to develop a prospect in Russia is to get them out of the KHL as soon as possible.

However, with the political situation ongoing in Russia and how that permeates into cultural activities like hockey - it is possible that there is some retaliation to Michkov's desire to play in North America.
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The reason Matvei Michkov is being benched in KHL

What should Matvei Michkov do?

Just suck it up1215.8 %
Try to leave the KHL for the NHL5065.8 %
Try to get loaned to another team11.3 %
What can he do?1317.1 %
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