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Things get heated after Moritz Seider hammers Brandon Hagel in the corner

Published December 22, 2022 at 10:50

Mortiz Seider continues to make his physical presence known out on the ice. This time it was late in the third period against Tampa Bay forward Brandon Hagel. Seider slammed Hagel into the corner boards. Hagel did not get up off of the ice right away after the hit and frustration from Tampa Bay ensued. Mikhail Sergachev and Nick Paul took exception to the hit and went after Seider. Ben Chariot stepped in and stood up for Seider and eventually play was stopped. Then all the players on the ice paired off. There was some pushing and shoving and mostly conversation being exchanged between all the players on the ice. No fights occured. Check out the replay below.

After watching Seider's hit on Hagel it did appear that it was a clean. Hagel found himself focused on the puck and Seider took advantage his opportunity. Tampa Bay did well to stand up for Hagel and was probably ready to engage in some physical play after two not so great performances in consecutive nights.

These are the kind of hits teams can expect from Mortiz Seider nowadays. One of the reasons Detroit loves this German defender. Teams had better be aware of his presence and make sure you keep your head up. In addition to his playmaking skills, Seider brings a physical element to his game that Detroit surely needs. Wait until Seider becomes bigger and strong as he ages. He will be an even stronger force.

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Things get heated after Moritz Seider hammers Brandon Hagel in the corner

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