Timo Meier sweepstakes down to four teams trying to trade for his services

Published February 15, 2023 at 9:58

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yesterday was love day and that could only mean one thing right? It's sixteen days until the National Hockey League Trade Deadline.

With every trade deadline, fans always get an influx of NHL «insiders» providing input as to where the faithful can see their favourite players going.

This brings us to today and to an insider that's right more often than he's wrong when it comes to signings, terms, and trades.

ESPN, TSN and NHL Network anchor Kevin Weekes reported recently that a number of teams are believed to still have significant interest in San Jose Sharks Forward Timo Meier.

Weekes believes the New Jersey Devils, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Carolina Hurricanes, and Toronto Maple Leafs have significant interest in Meier and have kicked the tires hard on him leading up to March 3rd.

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I'm told in addition to the @NJDevils , the @GoldenKnights , @Canes , and @MapleLeafs have significant interest acquiring @SanJoseSharks F Timo Meier. @espn @NHL @NHLNetwork @TSNHockey @DKSportsbook #HockeyTwitter

But as it goes, only the best offer that makes sense for both teams will get a deal done, and with that one wonders which one of the above teams has the best asset capital to add a piece to their current franchise without deleting something or someone that will help them win now or in the immediate future.
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Timo Meier sweepstakes down to four teams trying to trade for his services

Who has the best chance at landing Meier?

New Jersey Devils10637.9 %
Las Vegas Golden Knights3713.2 %
Carolina Hurricanes8530.4 %
Toronto Maple Leafs5218.6 %
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