Tom Wilson shares heartwarming message received from Alex Ovechkin

Published February 18, 2023 at 9:15

When Alex Ovechkin left the Washington Capitals indefinitely on Tuesday for personal reasons, a shock was sent around the NHL. on Wednesday it was announced that his father had passed away.

While Ovechkin remains at home, the Capitals remain at the top of his mind. Tom Wilson shared a heartwarming text message Ovi sent to the team group chat before practice according to Sammi Silber, Washington beat reporter.

Tom Wilson said Alex Ovechkin sent a group text to the Capitals before the practice telling them he loves them and misses them.

Even though Ovechkin is dealing with the passing of his father, this proves, the Capitals are just as much a part of his family.

Hopefully, Ovechkin takes all the time he needs to be with his family before he tries to come back. Family is the most important thing, bar none.
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