Tony DeAngelo claims the Rangers lied about him after he tried to ''terminate his contract''

Josh tupper
July 19, 2022  (1:56 PM)

The New York Rangers and Tony DeAngelo went through a messy divorce. After an incident between Alexandar Georgiev and Tony DeAngelo led to a fight between the two after a game. The Rangers immediately suspended DeAngelo and then sent him home.

During DeAngelo's time away from the team multiple allegations came out including that DeAngelo bullied K'Andre Miller, which he claims never occured.
This week DeAngelo joined the Cam & Strick Podcast to tell his side of the story.
It is what it is, I got bought out. I took the, I took the brunt of what happened to New York. So I'm not gonna sit here and finger point at people or whatever, but all I would say is I don't think that that's the way it should have went down.

I think that I should have just been traded and then all of these stories came out in the media that were very inaccurate. You know, for example, that one story came out that I bullied K'Andre Miller which would allude to racism right. And knowing that I got suspended in junior and it was it was a completely false story and I would never ask, I would never ask another player to come out and protect me because I don't need it.

I don't want anybody else to put themselves in the spotlight, right? But you know, he was fantastic young player and I, we got along real good. I don't know him for, for a month and a half two months, and then you get this reputation painted again and they go back.

They wouldn't they believe I didn't like that. There was no back up for me from the team. They wanted to get rid of me. So big, you know. It is what it is, but there was no, there was no protection of me as well, like to put that out there.

That wasn't true. And there was no trying to trade, he was just like, oh, we're gonna bury you, that's it. Yeah, so I took it. I said it. I said, you know, if I had to sit out the year, I actually, you know, the one thing that I always wanted to get out there, I never did was last year at the deadline.

I offered the terminate my own contract to play again and then you know a story comes out right after the deadline when I didn't within a pan out. Oh the Rangers offered to for me to determinate and then I decline which was very accurate. I will offered. I wanted to play.

It appears that there are varying sides of this story, but the biggest element here should be the idea that the Rangers were simply able to bury DeAngelo. It's difficult to believe that a team should have the power to simply bury DeAngelo.
With DeAngelo now on his way to Philadelphia he will get another chance to prove he's changed after an impressive season with the Hurricanes.
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Tony DeAngelo claims the Rangers lied about him after he tried to ''terminate his contract''

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