Two heavyweights drop ‘em in fight of the year candidate

Published April 13, 2023 at 1:21 PM

If you want to see a fight of the year candidate than look no further than the game between the American Hockey League between the Calgary Wranglers and the Abbotsford Canucks. There was an incredible fight between Calgary's Alex Gallant and Abbotsford's Alex Kannok-Leipert. This one is can't miss

There were so many punches thrown between both players it was quite a spectacle. You could even see the excitement between both benches as both players unloaded punches on each other.

After several moments the fight finally concluded with both players being exhausted and assed five minute fight majors. The could be categorized as a good old fashioned hockey fight and there was mutual respect between both players. It was good to see no one was severely injured either.

One other interesting note about this is that Alex Kennok-Leipert was born in Thailand and drafted by the Washington Capitals in 2018. He has yet to skate in an NHL game.

One things for sure, if you're looking for a better fight this year, you likely won't find one.
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Two heavyweights drop ‘em in fight of the year candidate

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