Upshall Tells A Story About making an Opposing Coach Loose His Marbles

Published August 23, 2023 at 2:30 PM

Former NHLer and current podcast host Scottie Upshall was known around the league for being a great forechecker, his scoring ability, and having the power to get under the opponents skin.

Upshall played a few seasons of his career in the state of Pennsylvania with the Philadelphia Flyers. The biggest rivalry for the Flyers is the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team that shares the same state as Philadelphia. Former NHL head coach Michel Therrien was behind the bench for Pittsburgh at the time when Upshall's Flyers would come to battle.

On a recent episode of the Missin Curfew podcast, Upshall revealed how he got under the skin of the veteran head coach Michel Therrien, an incident that Upshall says caused Therrien to 'lose his marbles.'

"I had that Michel Therrien chase me across the ice one time," revealed Upshall. "I called him like a French f*** and he completely lost his marbles."

Therrien became so incensed by the comment that officials talked to the general manager of the Flyers at the time Paul Holmgren, letting him know that the league will be launching an investigation into Upshall's comments.

"The ref came to [Paul] Holmgren after the game and said 'I don't know what Upshall said to this guy but we're probably gonna have to look into because I've never seen a coach lose his mind so much.'"

After the game Holmgren and Upshall would share a laugh at Therrien's expense.

"So Homer I'm getting on the bus and he's like 'What did you say to Therrien?'" said Upshall with a laugh. "I called him a French f***, and he's like 'Perfect' as in good."

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Upshall Tells A Story About making an Opposing Coach Loose His Marbles

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