Vegas management tries to justify Eichel's poor play

Published May 10, 2022 at 8:10 PM

Jack Eichel left Buffalo infamous and absolutely hated, and arrived in Vegas in February.

The end of his first season with the Golden Knights was a success, racking up 14 goals and 11 assists, with 25 points over 34 games with a +3 on ice. Equaling out to .73 PPG and a 60-point pace for the season.

Impressive, considering how much pain he was in the last 6 weeks with his new team.

What most people probably wouldn't know is that he ... broke his thumb in a bad way about three or four weeks into his return.

It was non-displaced so he didn't have to have surgery, but it was a bad fracture and the guy didn't miss a game

Eichel's injury occurred on March 17th against the Panthers, when he blocked a shot.
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