Wayne Simmonds shares he has some ''not so child friendly'' thought about Brad Marchand

Published April 30, 2022 at 9:20

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs right around the corner, last night we were treated to a clash between two of the top teams from the Eastern Conference. The Toronto Maple Leafs were hosting the Boston in Bruins in game 82, of both team's schedules.

The two teams have had some memorable clashes, including some huge playoff moments, including some painful heartbreaks for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ahead of last night's game Maple Leafs' forward Wayne Simmonds was asked about a potential clash with the Bruins.

Marchy is...I've known him for a long time and we played in the World Juniors together back in '08, so I have a little bit of a relationship with him.

I could say some things, but it wouldn't be child-friendly. Yeah, he's a great competitor out there and he'll do anything it takes to win. You have to respect that as an opponent, but at the same time, you can use it against him a little bit. He's an unbelievable player, one of the best in the League, and he chips in more than points wise for his team.

But there's no friends on the ice, ever.

Brad Marchand was recently voted 1st place in a recent NHLPA poll ranking the "Player you hate playing against but would love on your team."

Unfortunately the Bruins versus Maple Leafs playoff clash was derailed by the Maple Leafs 5-2 victory. Now the earliest this match up can occur is the Conference Finals.

Toronto is now scheduled to face Tampa Bay, while the Bruins will travel to Carolina to meet the Hurricanes.
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Wayne Simmonds shares he has some ''not so child friendly'' thought about Brad Marchand

Who would you pick in a 7-game series this year?

Boston Bruins23260.6 %
Toronto Maple Leafs15139.4 %
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