Wild video of a penalty box brawl from the Saskatchewan Prairie Hockey League

Published February 15, 2022 at 8:06 PM

The SPHL has already provided us with some wild fights this season, but this fight might just take the cake. This fight broke out in the penalty box of a game between the Maymont Settlers and Battleford Beaver Blue.

The backstory behind this, according to the account that posted the video: typical fashion Battleford was running their mouths and chirping after scoring 26 goals in the first two playoff games (sticks and gas money helps). Maymont was playing game 3 with only 9 guys, there was two fights prior and then Maymont had enough of the bullshit.

You've gotta give Maymont credit for not shying away from the rough stuff, especially when this game sheet shows just how under manned the team was.

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