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Youth Hockey Player Tragically Passes Away During Training Session

Published January 25, 2024 at 3:57 PM
Some very sad news from the hockey world. According to several reports, a 17-year-old hockey player collapsed to the ice during a practice session and could not be revived. reports that the death happened just a few minutes into the practice session in Russia.

"The tragedy happened at the very beginning of training. The guys just went out on the ice, a hockey player born in 2006 shot at the goal, got in line and fell. Local forces began to provide assistance, the ambulance arrived in 4 minutes, began to do artificial ventilation, but they could not save. The whole team underwent a medical examination, everything was normal."

"There were no signs of trouble, there were no collisions. He just fell on the ice." - HK Bobrov

The victim has been identified as Venedikt Osipov, and officials say the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Osipov was playing in the NMHL, the second-highest tier of junior hockey in Russia.
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Youth Hockey Player Tragically Passes Away During Training Session

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