Youth hockey player tries to take on two linesmen after fight

Published October 16, 2023 at 12:57

Fighting in youth hockey happens quite often, more than it should, and recently in a game in Russia a scrum after the whistle led to two linesmen being attacked by one of the players.

With the white team leading 7-3 in the third period, a scrum broke out after the whistle, which led to a lot of pushing and shoving between both sides. When it appeared that cooler heads were going to prevail, a player on the white team comes in from outside the scrum and kicks at the leg of a player on the black team.

The player on the black team, number 79 in the video below, was not happy and went to go fight the player on the white team, number 11, but fell to the ice where the linesmen tried to get in between to break things up.

That's where things unraveled. After the linesmen broke up the two players, number 79 got even more angry and took out his frustrations by trying to fight both linesmen. After taking a few punches at the linesmen and pushing them, the linesmen were able to take him down to the ice before the video cuts out.

It's safe to say that number 79 won't be playing any time soon and that he's likely facing a pretty lengthy suspension from the league that these teams belong to.

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Youth hockey player tries to take on two linesmen after fight

Should this player be suspended for the rest of the season?

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