Ilya Lyubushkin

Anaheim Ducks defender late scratch as trade talk swirl

Published February 29, 2024 at 10:15 PM

The National Hockey League's trade deadline is 8 days away and as such there's a lot of speculation to go around as it draws closer and closer. It's not uncommon to sed trade targets held out of the lineup to prevent them from getting injured and today is no different.

Moments ago, as the Anaheim Ducks are getting set to take on the San Jose Sharks, Ducks defender Ilya Lyubushkin was pulled from the lineup; take a look.

Anaheim has pulled Ilya Lyubushkin from lineup tonight. Ducks and Maple Leafs have been involved in discussions, we will see where it goes.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been the market for another player on the blue line and it appears they may be trying to bring back a familiar face in Lyubushkin.

A deal isn't done yet, but by the looks of things it is heating up. Anytime a player gets held out of the lineup a deal is being worked on. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen right away, but the two teams are usually talking if someone is a late healthy scratch like this.

I think it would be a fantastic idea to bring Lyubushkin back into the fold as he would add to an already physical back end.

Update: here's how Anaheim lines up tonight:

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Anaheim Ducks defender late scratch as trade talk swirl

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