Pavel Koledov falls after being tangled up behind his net with his teammate
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Another player suffers skate related injury

Published March 7, 2024 at 7:48

Hockey is a dangerous sport with inherent risk attached each time a player steps out onto the ice, and with that in mind, there have been increased instances in recent memory of a player being cut by an opposing player's skate.

This scenario happened again recently during a KHL game when defenseman Pavel Koledov and one of his teammates became tangled up behind their net while chasing an opponent. Thankfully, after leaving the ice to be assessed, Koledov returned to the game.

As it has been suggested time and time again, these instances have become more frequent, and part of the reason is that the game has become faster and some protective equipment has not become mandatory, but that may change.

What leagues across the world need to continue to take into consideration and take a long look at is the overall safety of their players and how to create a safer environment. With the death earlier this season in the EIHL of American Adam Johnson, companies, corporations, and individuals came together in hopes of making a difference. It should be the hope of everyone who is involved in the game or just loves the game that this initiative of overall safety becomes paramount worldwide sooner rather than later.
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Another player suffers skate related injury

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