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Arizona Coyotes management finally tell players if they're moving

Published April 12, 2024 at 9:32 PM

Numerous reports tonight say it's over for the Arizona Coyotes, and players have been told they'll be playing in Salt Lake City, Utah starting in 2024-25.

It seemed like it was coming sooner rather than later, but it's still a bit of a shock to see it being made official. Various insider hockey reporters are posting on social media tonight that Arizona Coyotes players have already been told they'll be based in Salt Lake City, Utah next season. There's also an opportunity to check out their new home.

"There is word tonight the Arizona Coyotes players were informed in a meeting they are going to Utah. Players and staff may be headed to Salt Lake City right after Wednesday's game to check out the facilities and the city.

More: there is still work to do, timing obviously is fluid, but players were told of the pending move and there will be an opportunity to see the potential new surroundings."

With the Coyotes failing to find a permanent home after playing out of the 5000 seat Mullett Arena in Tempe for the past two seasons, it seems the NHL finally decided it was time to pull the plug and give the team a chance elsewhere. The new owner is Ryan Smith, a billionaire who also owns the Utah Jazz of the NBA, as well as Real Salt Lake in MLS. Current owner, Alex Meruelo, is said to be getting back the $1 billion he purchased the team for in 2019 from the league, with the NHL then flipping it to Smith for $1.3 billion. Current owners split the $300 million in profit. Meruelo may get a another chance down the road.

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Arizona Coyotes management finally tell players if they're moving

Is it the right decision to pulll the Coyotes out of Arizona and sending them to Utah?

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