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Chicago Blackhawks and Corey Perry reach settlement

Published March 14, 2024 at 4:19 PM

When Corey Perry had his contract terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks many wondered about the legality of the decision. The Blackhawks refused to release any details of why the contract was terminated and the NHLPa made it clear, they felt the termination was not justified. It had been reported that Perry was planning to file a grievance but had yet to do so.

Today it was announced that instead of undergoing a legal battle on the matter, the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHLPA on behalf of Corey Perry had come to an agreement on a settlement.

Sounds like there is a small salary cap charge coming for #Blackhawks    as a result of the settlement between Chicago, Corey Perry, the NHL and NHLPA after what Perry's camp alleged was an improper contract termination.

Rather than grievance, a financial resolution was reached.

Rather than running a risk of losing a major settlement and possibly being fined an asset by the league, the Blackhawks have decided to incur a minor salary cap penalty for this season. This will not be an issue as a team has a large amount of cap space and this will allow them to put the situation behind them.

In the past teams have been fined and punished in similar situations. But both the league, the NHLPA and the player are happy to have this behind them.
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Chicago Blackhawks and Corey Perry reach settlement

Should the Blackhawks receive additional punishment for this?

Yes, if they terminated it unfairly18155.5 %
No, it's over10030.7 %
It depends on the circumstances4513.8 %
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