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Chicago Blackhawks forward called for illegal check to the head of a goalie

Published February 23, 2024 at 10:17 PM

There were only three games on the National Hockey League schedule tonight, but that doesn't always mean it'll be a boring night. With how physical today's game is, there's always a chance something happens in what most would consider a nothing game.

Take the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks for example, most of the time there's little to no fireworks when the two teams meet even though they're in the same conference, but that was far from the case tonight when Blackhawks forward Taylor Raddysh catches Winnipeg goaltender Connor Hellebuyck in the side of the head; take a look.

Taylor Raddysh gets a 2 minute penalty for an illegal check to the head of Connor Hellebuyck

Raddysh was only given a two minute minor for an illegal check to the head on the play, which is a little bit surprising to say the least.

I'm sure the Jets took notice of the play and it wouldn't surprise me if this game heats up before all is said and done.

There's no place in the game for a blatant hit to the head like that of any kind, but especially to a goaltender. These are the kinds of hits the NHL says they want to get rid of, but continue nog to punish accordingly.

We'll see if this gets any heat from the Department of Player Safety tomorrow.
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Chicago Blackhawks forward called for illegal check to the head of a goalie

Should this be more than a 2 minute minor?

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No7226 %
Hits like this don't belong in the game3713.4 %
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