Fan attacks security guard
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Drunken fan attacks event staff at Vancouver Canucks game

Published February 28, 2024 at 10:31

Fans being overserved at NHL games has seemed to have become a problem more than ever in recent years. With fans who are unable to hold their alcohol attending more and more events, videos like this seem to be popping up almost monthly. Unfortunately, for those involved and those around them, this can negatively impact the overall experience of being at an NHL game.

Last night the Vancouver Canucks faced off against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a game that was ultimately settled in overtime. For one fan, however, his night ended much earlier after an altercation with another fan. As events staff attempted to intervene and prevent the altercation, the man pushed the security guard and immediately struck him with multiple punches.

Fall sent the event staff member falling backwards into a railing but it appeared he was uninjured as he was able to get to his feet and escort the unruly fan out.

For this fan, this likely meant a night in detention and likely a ban from the arena. Going forward. There are no additional details about what caused the altercation or if there were any injuries suffered. This however appears to be becoming more of a regular incident or it could simply be a case of more incidents being caught on camera.
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Drunken fan attacks event staff at Vancouver Canucks game

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