Fan knocked out cold
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Fan knocked out cold after game 4 between the Rangers and Hurricanes

Published May 12, 2024 at 8:30

Last night in game 4 between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers we saw tensions boil over a little bit with the Hurricanes winning on a late goal to force game 5, but it was after the game that really made an impression. A fan fight broke out outside of the Hurricanes home arena that left a fan knocked out cold.

In a video circulating on X, you can see a Hurricanes fan laying motionless on the concrete while there's commotion around him. It's very clear that he's been knocked out as result of a punch, but the reason the fight started is unclear; take a look.

In the video above, you can see fans, gathered around the motionless person on the ground and calls for police while people are shouting, Singling out the person that delivered the knockout blow.

During the playoffs tensions get high both on and off the ice, but to see a fan knocked out in this fashion after a game isn't good. I'm sure that whatever it was could've been avoided, and by the way, the people in the video are talking and screaming It sound as the knockout blow could've avoided by the way they're trying to get the person who delivered it to stay around for the police to come.

There's no reason for this, But at least you see the good and people trying to protect the person who is knocked unconscious.
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Fan knocked out cold after game 4 between the Rangers and Hurricanes

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