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Kyle Dubas most recent power trip could cost him a key member

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:54

Kyle Dubas has a reputation around the NHL of being a very hands-on general manager. For some coaches, this is appreciated, but for others, this can be a problem. While in Toronto Dubas made it clear that he felt it was his responsibility to help his coach set the lineup.

While that approach may have worked with a young rookie head coach in Sheldon Keefe, it is less appreciated by a Stanley Cup winner like Mike Sullivan. Now it appears that a rift between the two in regards to the assistant coaches could lead to Sullivan's departure.

Frank Seravalli shared the following information on the DFO Podcast recently.

On DFO Live, Frank Seravalli says there are lot of whispers about will Jon Cooper be staying in TB.

He also said there's a bit of a power struggle with Dubas & Sullivan in PIT. Dubas wants to make changes to the coaching staff but Sullivan has been resistant to that #NJDevils

This appears to be a repeat of what happened in Toronto between Dubas and then head coach Mike Babcock. Dubas felt he deserved more of a voice in the locker room while Babcock felt it was entirely up to him. It will be interesting to see how this power struggles shakes out, especially after a disappointing first year in Pittsburgh.

Over the last week rumors have linked Sullivan to the New Jersey Devils as their next potential head coach. This would mean that Pittsburgh and Dubas specifically would have to grant Sullivan permission to interview for the role, something he may not be ready to do.

With Sidney Crosby up for renewal this summer. It will be interesting to see if his attachment to his head coach could be a key sticking point. Regardless, it appears that Dubas is going to do things his own way regardless how others feel about him.
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Kyle Dubas most recent power trip could cost him a key member

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