defenceman Anton Silayev throws his stick into the bench after it breaks
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MHL defenseman receives game misconduct for stick incident

Published April 3, 2024 at 4:53 PM

If you are old enough to remember when Toronto Maple Leafs legend and former captain Mats Sundin tossed a broken stick into the crowd at what was once called Air Canada Centre, the following may not be of interest to you. If you are not old enough to remember or would like to see something you can file under the bracket of utterly awesome, proceed.

During a game in the MHL semifinals in Russia, 2024 draft-eligible defenseman Anton Silayev calls for a pass by raising his stick. Anticipating the pass, Silayev winds up for a one-timer, and during the follow-through, the stick breaks. After the stick breaks, he proceeds to throw the stick into the bench, for which he was penalized a twenty-minute game misconduct due to the fact that this is in fact against the rules as indicated below, along with a 50,000 ruble fine (approximately $541 USD).

Whether Silayev meant to toss the stick like a bat is irrelavant, and although he didn't hurt anyone, it is ill advised to throw your stick in any manner. Although the supplemental discipline does not result in suspension, the young player will likely think twice about doing something like this again. It's not only a bad look on his part, but it put his team down a player with plenty of time on the clock.

Leagues across the world are attempting to make the game safer and although this seemed innocent enough, it could have resulted in serious consequences. The final score of the game resulted in a 5-4 win for Lokomotiv over Chaika in overtime.
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MHL defenseman receives game misconduct for stick incident

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