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NHL expected to issue suspension after Ryan Hartman incident

Published March 31, 2024 at 12:34

The NHL has done everything and anything in their power to absolve their referees of any accountability for their mistakes. This year alone, the league has issued multiple fines for criticism of officiating teams. Despite this, there are some things that players and coaches just can't do.

Yesterday afternoon after their loss to the Vegas Golden Knights, Ryan Hartman of the Minnesota Wild crossed one of those lines. After pulling their goalie in overtime, Minnesota gave up the game-winning goal and in the process lost themselves both points. So what upset Hartman so much?

It was one of the final plays of the regulation that Hartman was clipped by a high stick that went undetected by officials.

After the goal as the team is leaving the ice Hartman threw his stick at an official. Something you just can't do no matter how upset you are.

Not sure to what extent (fine or worse), but sounds like #mnwild   's Ryan Hartman will be hearing from the NHL for his misconduct at game's end. I didn't see it, but apparently he chucked his stick in the refs' direction. He was incensed bc he was high-sticked by Noah Hanifin in final minute of regulation. Not sure how it was missed.

Throwing a stick at an official usually results in a mandatory three game suspension but in the past the league has also aired on the side of discretion. In making these decisions. It will be very interesting to see what route the league takes, but it's hard to imagine an incident like this goes unpunished.
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