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NHL expected to lift suspension of Ivan Fedotov after 8 months

Published March 28, 2024 at 12:54

In August of 2023, the NHL made the decision to suspend Philadelphia Flyers' Goaltender Ivan Fedotov. The suspension was put in place after the goaltender failed to report to the team and remained at home fulfilling the final year of his KHL contract. The suspension simply carried over the terms of Fedotov's one year entry level contract.

Now, in very surprising news this morning the goaltender has had his KHL contract terminated. This is something that was not expected and has caught most of the hockey world by surprise. Now rumors are surfacing that the goaltender is expected to arrive in North America this week and could join the Flyers.

Everyone's being very careful here for obvious reasons, but it is believed Fedotov is en route to beginning his NHL career for the Flyers. Wasn't aware until news broke this morning, but all sides have worked on a solution for the last few weeks.

This news comes just days after Fedotov's former team was linked to current suspended Flyers' goaltender Carter Hart. Fedotov had previously made attempts to come to North America but was forced into military commitments after reportedly not completing his military obligations.

If Fedotov is able to arrive in Philadelphia. It is possible that he will see NHL action this year and finally live out NHL dream.
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NHL expected to lift suspension of Ivan Fedotov after 8 months

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