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NHL players, families frustrated with how Coyotes story is unfolding

Published April 11, 2024 at 10:12

The way the news of the potential relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Utah is being handled is not sitting well with players and their families their families.

It's been a whirlwind of a time for the Arizona Coyotes since news broke Wednesday afternoon that the NHL was preparing for the potential relocation of the team. Two schedules are being drawn up for 2024-25: one with the Arizona Coyotes on the document, as well as another with a team situated in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. While nothing is set it stone yet, it's being reported that players and their families across many NHL teams are not happy with the way things have gone down.

According to reporter Sara Civian, those she's heard from are frustrated with the suddenness of the news, and that players seem to have been left uninformed.

"Hearing some frustration and fear from NHL families across multiple teams about the abruptness of relocation reports, the prospect of moving families to SLC (Salt Lake City), and generally the way this has all gone down. Folks are not happy."

Civian stressed it wasn't anything to do with not wanting to play or live in Salt Lake City. It's more about them not being made aware of what's going on, and having to hear it from media.

" This doesn't mean anyone hates the city or wouldn't move there. It's about how things are getting done. "

However, other reports dispute that it has nothing to do with the relocation site.

"Craig Morgan on PHNX says players aren't excited about moving to Salt Lake City. 'I know that. They're not excited about it.'" #Yotes   

It seems like the possible relocation of the Arizona Coyotes has been looming for years. However, chatter is currently louder than ever about a move for the team. According to ESPN, The league is in discussions with the owners of the NBA's Utah Jazz about buying the team for for $1.3 billion, after the NHL buys the team itself from current owner Alex Meruelo for $1 billion. That is exactly what Meruelo paid for the Coyotes in 2019. With all this bubbling under the surface, it is strange that it appears no one bothered to contact current Coyotes players, as well as others, to perhaps settle their minds a bit before it was leaked to reporters.

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NHL players, families frustrated with how Coyotes story is unfolding

Do NHL players and their families have a right to be frustrated with finding out about the potential relocation of a team from social media?

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