Nick Cousins before and after the incident in which he was fined for embellishment
Photo credit: The Hockey Beast

Nick Cousins receives most embarrassing fine any player can be given

Published March 8, 2024 at 7:58

The player who has unofficially named the dirtiest player in the game appears to have finally gotten his «just desserts» by the National Hockey League and, to be honest, it is about time.

Nick Cousins of the Florida Panthers plays on the edge but tends to go overboard frequently. This was evident again at the end of February when the Panthers hosted the Buffalo Sabres. As seen in the short video in the tweet, after a very brief skirmish in front of the Sabres net, Cousins appears to be jockeying for position and, without any real contact, falls, immediately turtles and bounces back up in approximately five seconds.

While playing on the edge is a large part of how numerous players make a living in the league, Cousins continues to make a mockery of his role and others in the league who play the same role, but with different teams.

Cousins has been known to be an effective player and to be honest, he would probably be a fan favourite on the other thirty-one teams provided he was playing for him, but his antics cross the line of even being called a pest. The fine levied to him may give him a wake-up call, but only time will tell.
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Nick Cousins receives most embarrassing fine any player can be given

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