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Sheldon Keefe shares how he feels about Morgan Rielly's cross-check to Ridley Greig

Published February 11, 2024 at 9:25
Last night things boiled over in the final seconds of the game between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs after Ridly Greig took a slap shot at the empty net. This has fans divided down the middle, some think Rielly's crosscheck was over the top, while others believe the play was against the «code».

After the game, Sheldon Keefe was asked about the situation and he didn't hold back when speaking to the media; take a look.

Sheldon Keefe on what he thought of Morgan Rielly's reaction to cross checking Ridly Greig for the empty net slapshot: «I thought it was appropriate,» then later added, «Our players have the right to react.»

Followed up and asked why it was appropriate, «It's pretty apparent.» #Leafs #Sens

There are certain things you just don't do in the game of hockey, taking a slap shot at an empty net when you have the game in hand is one of them. Wether you believe Rielly was right or not not, at least Keefe is standing up for his players.

To be completely frank, there was no winning this if you're the Leafs. Had they not responded after Greig's actions the would've been labelled «soft» and «lazy».

At least Keefe wasn't afraid to stand behind his guy this time around, something I don't think would've happen under last years management.
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Sheldon Keefe shares how he feels about Morgan Rielly's cross-check to Ridley Greig

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