Scrum ensues after cheapshot
Photo credit: NHL

Tempers flare after Florida Panthers forward cheap shots Alex Ovechkin

Published February 8, 2024 at 9:57 PM
Tonight the Florida Panthers and Washington Capitals are facing off in an Eastern Conference matchup. In what had been overall an uneventful game, tempers eventually flared late in the 3rd period.

With the game tied with over 6 minutes left, the linesman failed to correctly drop the puck. The Capitals won the face off, which was immediately blown dead. However, the Florida Panthers, who are won of the league's dirtiest teams, didn't waste an opportunity to take a cheap shot.

With Alex Ovechkin holding the puck, a Panthers forward reaches in and delivers a slash to Ovechkin's hand.

The play immediately drew a crowd with both Tom Wilson and Ovechkin vocalizing their displeasure to the referees. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to motivate the Caps who went onto lose the game 4-2.
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