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Trial for 5 2018 Team Canada players unlikely until late 2025

Published April 4, 2024 at 10:46 PM

Five players charged in the 2018 World Juniors Team Canada case will be waiting a while before they actually get their day in court. Rick Westhead says late 2025.

TSN investigative reporter Rick Westhead took to his X account to outline details of a "pre-trial conference" that took place in London, Ontario this week for the five ex-Canadian world junior hockey players charged assault stemming from an incident in a hotel room in 2018. It was a private meeting that took place between the attorneys and the judge overseeing the trial, and Westhead said another hearing will take place April 9 where a date for the trial may be set. Westhead cautioned the trial won't take place any time soon.

"The next hearing date is Tuesday (Apr. 9) at which point the sides may discuss deadlines for pre-trial motions, and setting a date for a trial, lawyers not involved in the case tell me.

Because London's courts are so backlogged, a trial probably won't happen until well into 2025."

There is a rule that states anyone charged with a crime in Ontario has the right to a trial within 30 months. It recently led to an Ontario assault case being thrown out. . Despite the expected delay, Westhead says that shouldn't be a factor for the five players.

"The five player defendants in this case could ask a judge to stay (dismiss) the charges against them if a trial doesn't take place within 30 months of the date they were charged. However, several player agents tell me they doubt this will be an issue. While many defendants 'play the clock' and try to delay the legal process in the hopes of pursuing a stay, there's a strong belief by some agents these players want a trial asap so they can return to playing if they are found not guilty."

A recent rumour out of Russia stated a KHL team was calling for Carter Hart, one of the five players facing charges. His agent later denied there was any contact with any team. Technically, Hart, Dillon Dube, Alex Formenton, Michael MacLeod, and Cal Foote could ask the court for permission to work outside of Canada before the trial begins. If any of them have done that, it has not been made public.
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Trial for 5 2018 Team Canada players unlikely until late 2025

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