Las Vegas Police provide update on man who planned to target Golden Knights fans

Published June 22, 2023 at 5:20

Just days after winning the Stanley Cup, the Las Vegas Golden Knights threw a Stanley Cup parade. It is always supposed to be a momentous occasion for the team and their fans; unfortunately, it was overshadowed by one man's plan to target the fans at the event.

According to NHL breakers on Instagram, the Vegas Police Department had arrested a man who targeted the event just hours before it was to take place; take a look.

The man was said to want to incite as much panic and fear as possible, as well as take as many lives as possible before police had no other choice.

The reason for the proposed attack on legions of happy fans was because of his recent breakup with his now ex-girlfriend.

I'm glad Vegas PD was able to stop the attack before it was to happen, but the reasoning for it is questionable at best. Relationships end, partnerships fail, there is absolutely no reason for someone to target and want to commit an atrocity like this.

Instead of a story about the arrest, this could've been very different.
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