PK Subban called out for celebrating serious injury

Published May 25, 2023 at 7:54

The Florida Panthers took on the Carolina Hurricanes in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final last night in a game Florida would go on to win 4-3 to sweep the series and move on to the Stanley Cup Final, but that wasn't without drama, especially when Sam Bennett hit Jaccob Slavin in the 1st period.

While there was no penalty on the play, you never want to see a player down the way like that and former NHL defender PK Subban is under fire for celebrating a hit that likely concussed Slavin at the very least; take a look:

Playoff hockey💨💨💨🚚

Subban used to play a hard-hitting brand of hockey, so it's not surprise he loves massive hits when they happen. However, fans were very critical of Subban's approach to the hit and captioned video he shared.

Subban applauding this kind of play and the aftermath as a result and the subsequent backlash he faced is warranted. Celebrating an injury to a player, off a clean hit or not, is something you should never do.

Subban hasn't learned anything after retiring last year, and it shows. This act is despicable.
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PK Subban called out for celebrating serious injury

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