Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim rips a slapshot on the Edmonton Oilers mascot
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Vancouver's Mayor makes bet with Edmonton and then clap bombs mascot

Published May 9, 2024 at 6:46 PM

Ken Sim, the Mayor of Vancouver, is so confident the Canucks will eliminate the Edmonton Oilers from the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs that he's making a big bet

The Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers have not met each other in the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1992, so their second round series, which gets underway tonight, is a big deal. So big that it's bringing out the Mayor of Vancouver, who is proposing a major bet with the City of Edmonton. He also took the liberty of disrespecting the Oilers Mascot.

Ken Sim has released a video saying he's confident the Canucks will take out the Oilers, and because of that, he's willing to make the following bet.

"...we'd like to challenge you to a little bet. So, if the Vancouver Canucks, or when the Vancouver Canucks beat the Edmonton Oilers, we'd like for you to fly the flag of our beloved Canucks above [Edmonton] city hall, and rock these amazing Vancouver Canucks jerseys"

Sim added "in the unlikely event" the Oilers win the series, the City of Vancouver would fly the Oilers flag at city hall, and wear their jerseys. He then turned his attention to a stuffed version of Edmonton Oilers mascot Hunter the Lynx, sending it flying out the window with a nice slapshot. The stuffed version of Hunter was caught on the sidewalk by Canucks' mascot Fin the Whale, who put it in his mouth and pretended to eat it.

Not long after Sim released his video, Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi released a video of his own saying he "happily accepts" the challenge, and an Oilers jersey is on the way,

It's a great way to get a fun little rivalry going and get even more people invested in what should be a great series.
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Vancouver's Mayor makes bet with Edmonton and then clap bombs mascot

Who do you think is going to win this bet, the City of Vancouver, or the City of Edmonton?

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Edmonton13547.5 %
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