Avalanche frontrunner for Leafs forward in potential trade

Published May 16, 2023 at 1:10 PM

It's no secret that the core four of the Toronto Maple Leafs have severely underperformed at playoff time since coming together during the 2018-2019 National Hockey League season and now it appears that despite individual successes, management is considering blowing things up by moving one of them. Elliot Friedman and Jeff Marek discussed during a recent episode of the 32 thoughts podcast that if the Maple Leafs want to go to market with Nylander, that the Colorado Avalanche may make sense.

While Nylander appeared to be the only consistent bright spot during the Maple Leafs most recent Stanley Cup playoffs, the term on his contract and AAV are the easiest to move to another organization at this time.

Kyle Dubas admitted that changes are coming during the offseason and its only speculation, but the organization has been handcuffed by four contracts that at the time may have made sense, however when you're into year seven of a rebuild in which management vowed that the goal was to at least make a Stanley Cup final, something has to give.

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Avalanche frontrunner for Leafs forward in potential trade

If the Leafs move one of their core four, what makes sense?

Marner11218.4 %
Matthews12520.5 %
Tavares19131.4 %
Nylander18129.7 %
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