Daniel Briere's reputation takes a major hit with other General Managers after failed trades this weekend

Published June 26, 2023 at 10:12

It started with such promise. The Flyers were rumoured to have secured another first round pick, something they'd highly coveted. In the process it appeared the team had found a way out of the Kevin Hayes contract they'd been trying so hard to move.

Unfortunately that deal fell apart due to Torey Krug refusing to waive his no trade clause. In the process however it appears that Daniel Briere may have encountered an even bigger and tougher obstacle to overcome. Throughout the weekend it appeared that absolutely every detail of every move he attempted to make leaked to the media.

Even worse, it was a Philadelphia Flyers sports writer that unveiled it was infact Krug who'd failed to approve the deal. With this leak come additional challenges, and obstacle. Doug Armstrong, General Manager of the St. Louis Blues, has always been known as an incredibly private GM. As someone who doesn't allow leaks from his front office.

Well at least we learned that new #FueledByPhilly    GM Danny Briere didn't bother to lay down the law and seal potential press leaks from his inner circle. Close the windows and clean up your shit, rookie. #stlblues   

We all know that Doug Armstrong doesn't let proposed trade info leak. Like ever.

The leaks of the details from the proposed Krug to Philly trade are almost certainly on Briere's end.
It's interesting to discuss. But it has to piss off those involved.

In only his first month of being General Manager Briere has seen two trades fall apart, but if Briere can't stop information from cascading out, he is going to be ostracized by other GMs. The last thing other managers want is there player's names leaking to the media.

Briere has a lot of work to do if he wants to keep himself in good standing, but this was an extremely poor start to his career as a GM.
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Daniel Briere's reputation takes a major hit with other General Managers after failed trades this weekend

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