Insider reveals a trade that would send Erik Karlsson to this team

Published July 29, 2023 at 8:18

The rumours surrounding Erik Karlsson leaving the San Jose Sharks have been heating up this off-season, but it's been difficult to nail down what an actual trade would look like because of how complex it would be. Recently an insider revealed what a potential trade might look like.

According to Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey a trade for Karlsson would now have to involve a third team, a sizeable retention on the Sharks part as well as multiple assets going the other way; take a look.

Peng says there's a scenario in which Karlsson would end up with the Pittsburgh Penguins the 3 time Norris winner. The trade would involve the Sharks, Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks . With San Jose retaining 39 percent of Karlsson's salary to send him to the Penguins. Going the other way would be Ty Smith, Samuel Poulin and a 2025 2nd round pick that would turn into a first if Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup in 2024 or 2025. The Penguins would then send Jeff Petry and a protected top 5 draft pick in 2024 to the Chicago Blackhawks as it's commonly known he won't play for San Jose.

Obviously a Karlsson trade would be complex either way, but this just illustrates how difficult a trade would be to pull off.
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Insider reveals a trade that would send Erik Karlsson to this team

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